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    Unit 2 Newsletter

    Unit 2 Spring 2 Newsletter

    Here is an outline of the learning that will be taking place over the next half term:

    Learning Experience – Literacy and History

    The children will become historians and learn all about the Great Fire of London. They will write their own newspaper reports about the event as well as diary entries from that time in history, based on the diary of Samuel Pepys. This learning experience will also be a celebration of the fire service we have today. We will thank our local fire brigade by making them hampers with our own freshly baked bread buns (which were being baked just before the Great Fire started).

    Science: Learning about the properties of different materials through testing.

    Spanish: Colours and Numbers.

    RE: Symbols, Leaders and Teachers.

    Design and Technology: Cookery

    PE: Tag Rugby

    Tawny: Monday, Little: Tuesday, Snowy: Wednesday

    Woodland Camp afternoon

    Snowy: Tuesday, Tawny: Wednesday, Little: Thursday

    Our School Values

    Responsibility; To understand the responsibility we all have to keep safe and learn about the people around us who are responsible for protecting us.

    Respect: To show respect for those who risk their lives to keep us safe. To show respect by finding out about historical events and how they have shaped the way we live our lives today.

    HOME LEARNING TASKS (choose at least one) Please bring to school by Friday 23rd March.

    To choose from:

    • Make your own Tudor house
    • Keep a diary of your daily life
    • Fact page about London
    • Fire/fire engine art - collage, painting
    • A quiz about the Great Fire of London

    Dates for your Diary

    Tuesday 27th March 2.30pm

    KS1 Easter Assembly in the hall.


    If you have any questions or would like to discuss your child’s learning further, please do not hesitate to contact us via the home school link book or pop and see us at the door where a further meeting can be arranged if required.  

    Mrs Yeo, Mrs Braddon, Mrs Collier,

    Mrs Winter and Mrs Oliver.

    Preston Primary School Academy
    Old Paignton Road
    TQ2 6UY

    01803 607075