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    Unit 2 Summer Term Newsletter

    Unit 2 Summer Term 1 Newsletter 2018

    Here is an outline of the learning that will be taking place over the next half term:

    Learning Experience

    We have started our very busy half term by completing our final newspaper articles for London’s Burning. These are being turned into whole class newspapers to be put into our school library. Our Year 2s will complete their SATS in Reading and Maths over the next two weeks and we are already so impressed with their determined attitudes.

    Food, Glorious, Food – We will be learning all about instructional writing through the preparation of food. We will start off simply with sandwiches and lead up to baking our own freshly made scones and other baked goods, learning about where the ingredients come from along the way. We will be having our very own market sale at 3.00pm on the KS1 playground on Wednesday 23rd May for you to buy the children’s freshly baked goods.

    HOME LEARNING TASKS (choose at least one) Please bring to school by Monday 21st May

    To choose from:

    • Design your own healthy meal plate (on a paper plate or a drawing)
    • Bring photos or a short writing piece about something you have cooked/baked at home.
    • Create a poster/information leaflet about where certain foods come from.  
    • Write instructions for how to cook your favourite meal.

    Science: Healthy eating, food

    Spanish: Animals

    RE: Belonging, myself

    Design and Technology: Cookery

    PE: Athletics

    Tawny: Monday, Little: Tuesday, Snowy: Wednesday

    Woodland Camp afternoon

    Snowy: Tuesday, Tawny: Wednesday, Little: Thursday

    Our School Values

    Teamwork; To work together to follow instructions and create their own recipes together.  

    Respect: To show a respect and understanding about where our food comes from and the work that goes into ensuring we have food in the shops.

    If you have any questions or would like to discuss your child’s learning further, please do not hesitate to contact us via the home school link book or pop and see us at the door where a further meeting can be arranged if required.  

    Mrs Yeo, Mrs Braddon, Mrs Collier, Mrs Barr,

    Mrs Winter and Mrs Oliver.

    Preston Primary School Academy
    Old Paignton Road
    TQ2 6UY

    01803 607075