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    Foundation Stage Weekly Newsletter

    Puffins and Penguins Weekly Newsletter

    Dear parents and carers,

    As the end of term draws near we are beginning to reflect on the lovely year we have had together. We will be drawing plans and maps of the learning environment for the new children joining us in September. We hope to include these plans and children’s perspectives of their environment into our future planning of the area. We will be asking the children to write about their time as a Puffin and Penguin and prepare this to share with you at our end of year assembly.

    We will be making final maths assessments and the children will be investigating open ended maths problems, using all of the skills they have learned throughout the year.

    The children have already been having some informal transition visits to KS1 and have had some fun playing there.

    Please Note: You are invited to come to a celebration assembly on Thursday 19th July at 2.30pm in the hall followed by a chance to look at all of your child’s learning from the last year in the classrooms.

    Ideas for supporting your child’s learning at home:

    • Try drawing a map of your house.
    • Work on individual maths targets.
    • Practise counting in 2s to 20 or beyond!
    • Think about the maths you can see all around you e.g. A dog has double 2 legs. If you had 2 dogs their legs would be double 4 etc.


                                                      Have a lovely weekend

                                                      Foundation Stage Team

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