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Primary School

Ready for Work - Architect Visit

Linking to learning from our Lego Discover programme and our school curriculum aim ‘Ready for work’, Mrs Fairclough came to visit Puffins and Penguins to talk about her job as an architect. She explained how creative an Architect can be when designing a new building in the community. The children understood the importance of working as a team and that architects draw plans for builders to use. The children were challenged to create a new house for cartoon character ‘Bluey’. They drew their own architect sketches and plans, and talked about the materials they would need. The children had some wonderful and creative ideas. They then swapped plans with a friend who had to build their design using a variety of construction materials.

Thank you, Mrs Fairclough, it was a fun, creative and informative session. At Preston we have high aspirations for children and want them to realise that anyone can be an Architect. Visits like this inspire children and provide opportunities for creativity.

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