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Unit 3 are Scientists!

In Unit 3, we have been learning all about our teeth. We have learned the names and the different functions of the teeth in our mouths. This week, we have set up an experiment to find out what the effects of different drinks are on our teeth. We have been making predictions and observations, working scientifically. Which liquid will have the biggest effect on our teeth? This experiment is part of our next Learning Experience - 'How Does My Body Work?'


On Friday, Unit 3 explored the digestive system by making poo! We followed the journey of some food during our science lesson. The food went from the mouth, through the stomach, small intestines and large intestines, until it was finally excreted as faeces. To see more about this experiment, please see the following link:

We were so impressed by how much the children had understood about the digestive system, and by how inspired they had been.

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