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Unit 4 Spring 2 Newsletter

Home Learning and Supporting the Curriculum at home

We have attached a selection of Knowledge Organisers, for you to use to support your child’s learning at home. They set out clearly what we expect children to learn and remember in that subject. Please use them at home to reinforce and help embed your child’s learning.

Times tables should practiced at least three times a week at home.

Reading: Please read for 15 minutes every day – you can now quiz at home.

Your child also has access to Sumdog and Spelling and Math Shed. Spellings are now being taught through a new scheme, spelling sheets will be printed and sent home and will also be available on TEAMs.

TEAMs: A creative piece of work around designing or making your mobile vehicle or to create a poster on how a vehicle works. Please look at TEAMs for more information. This work will be due on Monday 4th April 2022.


In school, the children are encouraged to read daily and the use of reading records have helped to encourage to children to do this. They can take quizzes on Accelerated Reader where they can earn points. At the end of the half term, we will be giving certificates to every child who reaches their own individual target. Please support your child in reaching their goal by reading with them at home daily for at least 15 minutes.


This half term we will be doing Hockey, Archery and Fencing during our PE lessons.

Kestrels and Eagles - Thursday, Hawks - Friday.

Please ensure your child is wearing correct PE kit on their PE day.

School Value

This half term, we are learning about Teamwork The children will be encouraged to show collaboration within their learning and communicate with their peers to share their ideas.

British Value

This half term, in our Class Assemblies and PSHE lessons, we are learning about the British Value of Tolerance, by understanding different cultures and accepting opinions of others.

Our Curriculum

Children in Key Stage 1 and 2 will enjoy a Long and Short Enquiry each half term.

Long Enquiries: A Long Enquiry typically lasts five weeks and allows us to teach a subject, such as history, in depth. Clear expectations of what will be learned, is shared with parents and pupils through a Knowledge Organiser.  At the end of the work, we plan to use Enquiry Quizzes on our iPads to see how much each child has remembered.

Our Long Enquiry this term is DT where we will be exploring Mechanisms or Mechanical Systems. We are going to be creating our own functional and mobile vehicle, the Knowledge Organiser for this is attached. Please use it to reinforce and repeat the learning at home.

Short Enquiries : A short enquiry can last anything from one to three days and adds breadth to our curriculum.


This half term in Maths, Year 5 are exploring calculating with decimal fractions before moving onto factors, multiples and prime numbers. The Year 6 children are looking at fractions, decimals and percentages before moving on to area and perimeter. All the children are going to be using concrete resources, visual images, and representations to support them with their learning.


We are starting off the half term by exploring narratives through re-spun fairy tales through the text ‘Straw into Gold’ by Hilary McKay.

Our second text this half term is ‘Are humans damaging the atmosphere?’ by Catherine Chambers, where we are going to be writing a piece of informational writing.

Dates to remember

Last day of the term - Friday 8th April 2022

School returns for new term - Monday 25th April 2022


Please continue to contact the school office by email or phone 01803 607075 with any questions or queries. There is also lots of useful information, as well as event dates and term dates, on our school website

School App

Our school app is the best way to get information about dates and events going on in the school. Search for ‘School News’ in your app store.

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