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Governance at Coast Academies

Governance at Coast Academies is made up as follows:

The Directors

A small team of independent professionals who deal with strategic direction, value for money and the overview of standards.  They hold the leadership of the trust to account and deal with the statutory role of governance.
I value the support and challenge that our Directors bring to Preston Primary. They volunteer their time and expertise to help us innovate and improve the experience for every child. They are a big part of the success and strong reputation of the school.
Mr Scott Ord   

Academy Challenge Team (ACT)

ACT is focused entirely on the quality of education provided for the children within our schools. They work across the trust visiting our schools which provides them with the crucial ability to make comparisons. The members are representative of the schools within the trust and follow a structured programme of visits where they effectively monitor the monitoring.  They look in detail at areas such as Special Needs, standards and progress, the quality of the learning environments and behaviour and safety.  The opportunity to compare practice adds significance to the conclusions they draw within their agreed areas.  Their reports are shared with the senior leadership and the board of directors. 

Parent Focus Groups

In addition to the governance model outlined above, we make use of Parent Focus Groups as a way of getting parent views on a number of school issues. The forums have looked at issues such as uniform, PE and the curriculum. These are recorded under the Parents tab.

Please find below details for the Chair of our local Governors: 

David Lockyer

Chair of Directors

Eden Park Primary School

Eden Park



Tel: 01803 854011

Please follow the link below to find more information on Governance at Coast Academies:

Governance at Coast Academies

Preston Primary School Academy
Old Paignton Road

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