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Primary School

Pastoral Care

Here at Preston Primary School, every child matters and all children need to feel safe, valued, special, appreciated and included. We want every child coming to our school to feel happy, content and confident, ready to embrace the day in our secure, caring and friendly environment. 

However, some children face many challenges, which means that some of their social and emotional needs may be greater than those of others. By using The Thrive Approach, we will help support and guide the children in our care, in a secure and friendly atmosphere, building on the element of trust and offering stability. By attuning to our children we will be able to support them further.

The school is very proud of its dedicated pastoral team that is able to offer support to both children and families with behaviour, special needs, attendence and emotional stability.

Pastoral Team Roles 
All class teachers and support staff are here to ensure our children feel happy, safe and valued and are your first point of contact for responsive pastoral support.
Jane Stead

Designated Safeguarding Lead, SENDco, Pastoral and ASC Provision Lead

Alice Pettitt Deputy DSL and Designated Teacher for Children in Local Authority Care
Sharon Jordain Attendance Lead and Pastoral Administrator
Lisa Shepherd Social, Emotional and Mental Health Support Worker
Melissa Oliver Acting Headteacher, Local Leader of Maths Education (LLME)

SEND, Pastoral and Safeguarding Email -

Preston Primary School Academy
Old Paignton Road

01803 607075