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Primary School

Special Educational Needs and Autistic Provision


Our school offer can be found following the link on the right hand side of this page. Our Offer illustrates the range of expertise we can offer. We work alongside children to achieve positive outcomes and frequently design individualised programmes.

We believe that you begin with the child, observations in the classroom is usually where we start. We like you to keep talking to us in order for us to have a very clear picture of the needs of your child. We will arrange to meet with you regularly so there is clarity and consistency around what is needed.

We are able to offer a great deal of experience with special needs children and we create programmes where they are supported both in and out of class, sometimes individually or as part of a smaller group.

External professionals will be asked to contribute if needed.

Autism Provision

The Nest provides 16 places for children of primary school age, who have a medical diagnosis of autism.  We currently provide for children in all of the year groups that Preston Primary caters for.

All 16 children are capable of receiving a mainstream education, but will require some adult support and intervention at different times through the day.

All children are different from one another, including those in The Nest, which is why we plan different levels of inclusion and integration for each individual child. 

All of the staff at Preston Primary have had Level 1 Autism Training from the Autism Education Trust.

We nurture, enable, support and use teamwork.

Nurture: we care for the children, protect them, and help them develop into successful individuals.

Our main priority is for the children in The Nest to feel that they are in a safe and secure environment. All children need to feel safe and secure in order to be able to learn effectively.

We have firm and consistent boundaries, along with clear rewards and consequences.

Enable: “give someone the means to do something; make it possible for”

It is important that children become as independent as possible around school.  We work with the children on developing their social and learning skills, to promote independent learning, as appropriate.

Support: every child in The Nest has an individually planned timetable that we have developed to suit their own needs. The majority of the children spend part of each day in the mainstream areas of the school. During different activities, in different areas, the children are regularly supported by staff from The Nest, for reasons of consistency, familiarity and experience.

Teamwork: the staff in The Nest are just one small part of a team that works collaboratively for the benefit of the children. The team includes the child, the parents, the SEN team, the pastoral team, mainstream staff, leadership, outside agencies, including healthcare professionals…the list goes on and on.

Once a month, we have a drop in session, in the school library. This is an informal meeting, with refreshments, and is an opportunity for parents to talk to each other, to the staff and to a member of the pastoral team, about any concerns, or celebrations. Any member of the school community is welcome to attend these sessions.

These are some thoughts we have collected, about The Nest:

“An opportunity to access mainstream education with a happy, safe haven to return to when necessary.” Preston staff member, The Nest

“A safe, nurturing, learning environment” Parent of a mainstream pupil

“Happy, warm and friendly.” Preston staff member

“The adults in The Nest keep us safe and help us go to mainstream.” KS2 pupil, The Nest

“The Nest is for children who want to come to Preston, but their brains work a bit differently.” KS2 pupil, Mainstream.

“I love the way the staff explore different avenues to suit the needs of the individual children.” Parent of a KS1 Nest pupil

“The Nest enhances the children's learning & emotional experience within a safe and nurturing environment, with excellent support from caring staff, allowing the children to blossom both academically and socially.” Parent of a KS2 Nest pupil

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