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Spiritual, Moral, Social & Cultural Understanding

The spiritual, moral, social and cultural development (SMSC) of our children is essential to the way we work at Preston Primary and is fully explained in our policy.

We believe that our six core values of Respect, Responsibility, Independence, Teamwork, Creativity and Determination support the children with their SMSC understanding and these form the cornerstones of our Learning Experiences. These are partnered with British values to deliver a highly effective curriculum model. As a result, the Learning Experiences that the children receive directly support the teaching of at least one of the areas of spiritual, moral, social or cultural development.

The following are only some of the examples of teaching and development in this area being directly linked to our curriculum:

Preston Primary Enrichments

Enrichments at Preston Primary take place across all Key Stages.

Eco Team: Taking responsibility for our school environment and understanding the wider implications of reducing, reusing and recycling. (Moral and Social)

Coastal Explorers: Developing children's understanding and appreciation of our local coastline, including environmental threats and conservation. (Moral and Social)

Woodland ExplorersDeveloping children's understanding and appreciation of our local woodlands, including the role of the community in its conservation. (Moral and Social)

Feathered FriendsUnderstanding the needs of animals and taking responsibility for their health and well-being. (Moral)

John Muir Award: A project to Discover, Explore, Conserve and Share a wild place. Taking responsibility to plan activities in order to achieve each of these four challenges. (Moral and Social)

Learning Experiences from Years 1 and 2

Road to Rio: Comparing life and traditions in Brazil to our life in Great Britain. (Cultural)


Night Owls: Researching into British wildlife and how we can protect it, designing and constructing bug hotels and bat boxes. (Moral)


Time Travelling Toys: Work collaboratively on a new exhibition for the public at our town library, based on how toys have changed over time. (Social and Cultural)


Festivals of Light: Finding out about different Religious festivals around the World and why they are important to different people. (Spiritual and Cultural)


Learning Experiences from Years 3 and 4


Harvest Festival: Learning about the meaning of ‘Harvest’, Creating an assembly to parents to share this, organising for the whole school to donate food to a local foodbank. (Moral, Social)


Keep Calm and Save Lives: Learning about how to keep yourself and others safe at coastal areas (Moral)


To Infinity and Beyond: Learning about our Solar System and scientifically discussing the possibility of life existing elsewhere in the universe. (Spiritual)


My Inspiration: Learning about what it means to be inspired by someone and how certain inspirational people have changed or helped the world we live in. (Spiritual, moral, cultural)


Save Our Seas: Working alongside the Community Seagrass Initiative to put on an exhibition to raise awareness of the importance of protecting our local coastline. (Moral)


Milkshake Maths: Designing and making a new milkshake for a local business to raise money for the local charity Torbay Holiday Helpers Network. (Moral)


Going for Gold: Researching into countries participating in the Rio Olympic Games and comparing cultures, religions and geographical features. (Cultural, Spiritual)

Learning Experiences from Years 5 and 6

Indiana Jones: Explored life in Peru and made comparisons to life in a British coastal town. (Cultural)

No Limits? No Future!: Write a non-chronological report and debate about local shark populations. Campaign for change and deliver a petition to 10 Downing Street. (Cultural and moral)

Now Poppies Grow: Write poems of remembrance and lead a remembrance assembly. (Spiritual)

Dragons Den: Work collaboratively on a project to support the ‘Lend with Care’ charity to support entrepreneurs in third world countries. (Social and Moral)

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