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Primary School


We believe sport is important in school and in life. As well as enjoyment and contributing towards a healthy lifestyle, sport teaches us how to win and more importantly how to lose. In life we will all have moments where we feel like winners and other times like we have lost.

Sport plays an important role in helping children become robust learners that know how to react when things do not go to plan, and how to support others to succeed. Industry and Commerce tell schools that education has to prepare children for a job market that needs flexibility and diverse skills. Sport helps us to do that. 

The school swimming pool aids our quest to keep all children happy and safe in water. See separate page.

Our Sports Days are a real community experience that parents, grandparents and pupils enjoy.

Our commitment to sport has been recognised by us achieving the Gold School Games Mark year after year.   Your School Games - School Games Mark

Preston Primary School Academy
Old Paignton Road

01803 607075