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School Values Shop of Experiences

Dear Parents,


We want to share with you an exciting new project. We are always looking for ways to be innovative with our curriculum and the latest is our School Values Shop of Experiences. In the Summer Term we are going to experiment with children spending their hard earnt House Points on experiences, such as learning how to light fires in the Woodland Camp with Mr Ord for the afternoon. Initially the shop will be for children in Year 1 and above. They will all be able to buy something and some might have enough to buy two! They might want to purchase a fun swimming session after school in the pool, or a trip to the beach with Mrs Oliver. They might want to save up for a series of art lessons drawing and painting across different locations in Torbay. For some the opportunity to walk the goats will be top of their list, for others it will be a movie and popcorn afternoon. After school Lifeguard lessons might be their choice, or even reading a story to Foundation Stage. There will be the chance to book out the Woodland Camp for lunchtime, be a helper in the hall at lunchtime or buy a VIP lunchtime experience. Children will be able to make their first purchases next week, and all experiences are in the Summer Term. We will communicate more as this exciting plan is rolled out.


WHY – We want to refocus children on our School Values and remind them that there are always rewards in life for working hard.


We are not aware of any other schools running such a project and we are not afraid of risk and like to be first.


Thank you for your support.


Mr Ord

Preston Primary School Academy
Old Paignton Road

01803 607075