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Primary School

Chicken and Goat Update

Dear Parents,

This picture shows the wonderful goat enclosure that Aristotle and Plato have enjoyed for their Summer Holiday in Brixham. The small holder that has looked after them, and the chickens,  has made us an offer. She has offered to keep the goats and chickens, to enable us to have some new animals instead. This offer would solve the growing problem of the goats' grumpy nature and the associated head butting. We have been concerned that someone would be hurt. It would also allow us to replace our three ageing chickens (only one is laying regularly) with six younger chickens. We do not want to introduce new chickens with the older ones because that causes squabbles and chicken civil war. We could use the existing goat enclosure to house guinea pigs and create a petting area that children could go into safely. A guinea pig petting area, that all the classes could visit and get more hands on experience of looking after animals. I have discussed this with the School Council and the House Captains yesterday. Both groups of children decided to accept the offer, and the Brixham small holder has agreed. So now we can begin to plan for our new animals. Watch this space… 

Mr Ord

Preston Primary School Academy
Old Paignton Road

01803 607075