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Some useful information on myOn and Teams


"myON is a personalised digital library at every student's fingertips. Renaissance myON Reader is a child-centred, personalised, literacy environment that gives students access to more than 6,000 enhanced digital books."

At Preston Primary School, we can now offer this entire library to your child. This means that they now have a wealth of new and exciting books at their fingertips.

If your child is using Accelerated Reader, they can link their account to myON and complete a quiz about the book. For Foundation Stage and Key Stage One pupils who still access the Read, Write, Inc program, myON offers a digital library of books of interest. It does not replace the Read, Write, Inc program.

To access myON you will need to follow these instructions:

SCHOOL SELECTION: Preston Primary School

USERNAME: Put your child’s first initial then the first 4 letters of their surname.

PASSWORD:  Your child’s Sumdog password.


J Blatchford – jblat

A Pettitt – apett

E Braddon - ebrad

You can access myON by following this link: Sign In - myON®


Please find attached a link to a video guide on Teams. Thank you to Mrs Stevenson for making this helpful video, we hope it is useful:

If you are experiencing any issues with your child's Teams login, please contact the school office on 

Preston Primary School Academy
Old Paignton Road

01803 607075