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Primary School

Staying Safe Online

PSHE Curriculum (Personal, Social, Health, and Economic Education)

Online Safety Rules

During our weekly class assemblies and PSHE Relationships module this half term, we will be talking to the children about how they can be responsible for keeping themselves, their families, and friends safe online.

We will focus on the SMART rules: S, safe - keep all your personal information safe; M, meet - don't meet any strangers you've talked to online; A, accept - think before you accept anything online; R, reliable - not everyone is reliable and not everyone is who they seem to be; T, tell - tell a responsible adult if you feel anxious.

You can keep up to date on how to support your child on their online safety journey with the resources found here:

Online Safety Leaflets & resources - Internet Matters

Parents Protect - Internet Safety Links

We will be emphasising the importance of TAG (Tell A Grown-up) if children see or hear anything online that makes them feel worried or uncomfortable.

As a parent, being part of your child’s online lives will help to keep them safe and happy, so keep talking to them about what they like to do, regularly check privacy settings are switched on, and reassure them that we are all on this learning journey together.

If you would like further support about online safety or have a specific concern you would like to explore with the pastoral team, please do contact us on:

Preston Primary School Academy
Old Paignton Road

01803 607075