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The Queen's Platinum Jubilee Celebrations

We are planning to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee in school on Friday 27th May.

On that day, children can come to school in non-uniform; they can dress as a King or Queen, Prince or Princess, if they want to. Equally, children can come to school dressed in party clothes, to celebrate the Queen’s 70 year reign. If in doubt, wear red, white, and blue!

We will have class assemblies to start the day. Children will learn about the Queen’s coronation, and her visits to other countries where she is Queen.

We have planned for a picnic lunch of fish & chips on the field, weather permitting. You can order your child’s lunch via Login (

The children will enjoy activities throughout the day in their Units. Our focus will be on key facts such as Queen Elizabeth II being Queen for 70 years, watching clips of the coronation, and learning about the Commonwealth and where in the world those other countries are located and identifying their flags.

We hope the children will enjoy a fun and informative day to celebrate this momentous occasion.

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