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Primary School

Fitness Instructor visits Foundation

'When I Grow Up...'

As part of the learning enquiry ‘When I Grow Up...’, children in Foundation have been exploring the many different job opportunities that could be available to them in the future.

This week, Puffins and Penguins had a visit from Miss Sayce, a local Fitness Instructor. She came to talk to the children about her job and educated them on how she uses all our school values. She engaged the children in physical activity and shared her passion for keeping fit and healthy. She told the children how she enjoyed PE at school, and now she feels very lucky to be able to do PE every day as a job. The children helped Miss Sayce create a fitness routine which included: star jumps, crunches, press-ups and squats. She communicated to the children that exercise is not just about running and moving, it also includes balancing and stretching. The children practised the Pilates ‘tree pose’ by standing on one leg. Miss Sayce was very impressed with the children’s enthusiasm and exercise knowledge.

Thank you, Miss Sayce for an inspiring and informative talk linking to our school aims ‘Love To Learn’ and ‘Ready For Work’. It is important for children to have these real-life experiences so they can make the link between what they are learning now, and how it will help them in the future. Learning how to work with others, being responsible and being creative, are just some of the transferable skills that will help them in the future.

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