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Please find a selection of our latest curriculum innovations at Preston Primary School. To meet our vision for Preston, every member of staff is encouraged as a leader to take curriculum risks, for children. Our assemblies, Learning Enquiries, Enrichments and Clubs are all designed to give every child opportunities to grow into robust and happy lifelong learners.

Our Vision: An outstanding coastal school known for an innovative curriculum, that delivers excellent outcomes for children.

Please click on the links to see what is happening in each Unit.

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  • 28/06/22

    Top Tips For Helping Our Planet

    News from our Eco-Committee
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  • 23/06/22

    Our School Needs Your Vote!

    As a school we are passionate about reading and committed to ensuring each and every child has the skills, knowledge, and confidence to read. Our library is a valuable resource that is enjoyed by all pupils. We would be very grateful if you could vote for our school in this competition. We have t...
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  • 21/06/22

    Whole School Summer Term Events

    Friday 24th June – Unit discos and non-uniform day This Friday 24th June, we will have a non-uniform day and the children will have discos in the Hall. We will be running discos during the afternoon as this is what the children have requested, and it is important to listen to the pupils...
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  • 14/06/22

    Preston Hosts Trainee Teachers from Zurich

    We are currently hosting three trainee teachers from the Zurich University of Teacher Education in Switzerland.  They are with us for three weeks. As a highly regarded school for teacher training, Zurich University requested our support in training three of their student teachers. The stud...
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  • 06/06/22

    Class Swimming Sessions Return!

    How wonderful to see the children back in the school pool enjoying their class swimming sessions in the sunshine! All pupils in the school will have weekly swimming lessons from now until the October half term. We commit thousands of pounds every year to maintaining and heating the pool b...
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  • 27/05/22

    Jubilee Celebrations

    Today our children celebrated 70 years on the throne for our queen, Queen Elizabeth II. The children watched video clips of her life to understand just how long she has reigned. Our fish and chip lunch on the school field was a delight to watch, and was enjoyed by all. Young and old children playing...
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  • 13/05/22

    The Power of Storytelling

    Stories not only live in books; we tell each other stories every day. Traditions of storytelling go back through human existence, a long time before books were even invented. If children of all ages enjoy listening to and telling stories, then they are opened up to a world of possibilities...
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  • 11/05/22

    The Queen's Platinum Jubilee Celebrations

    We are planning to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee in school on Friday 27th May. On that day, children can come to school in non-uniform; they can dress as a King or Queen, Prince or Princess, if they want to. Equally, children can come to school dressed in party clothes, to celebrat...
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  • 09/05/22

    Staying Safe Online

    PSHE Curriculum (Personal, Social, Health, and Economic Education)
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  • 27/04/22

    Pop-Up Café

    Great news! Our Pop-Up Café will be open on Friday from 3pm, selling drinks and ice creams. Leaders from the Positive Birth Company, who have children at Preston Primary School, have very generously offered to run the Pop-Up Café every Friday after school this term. What a wonderful...
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  • 08/04/22

    Happy Easter

    Happy Easter to all of our Preston Primary School community, We are at the end of our Spring Term, and we can look back at all we have achieved over the last few months. Your children have worked so hard this term on their learning, despite the challenges of many staff members and children self-i...
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