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Primary School


Here at Preston we believe the children’s voices are important and should be heard. Our School Council is open to all children from Year 1 upwards. We are going to be holding our hustings before half term to allow the children to vote for their class school councillors. Your child needs to decide if they would like to be considered by Friday 16th October. Voting will take place on Monday 19th October. Candidates will be expected to talk to the whole class to explain why they should receive their vote (hustings).

Staff will be explaining to the children what a democracy is, and the importance of them having a voice on what happens in our school. We will explain the importance of voting for the right person for the job and not just our friends. We believe it is key that the children understand the democratic process to prepare them for being good citizens in the future. We hope to see many children put themselves forward to be part of the hustings!

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