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Accelerated Reader

At Preston we strive to continually promote the love of reading, as we understand that it is integral to children’s future success. Accelerated Reader, our school computer-based reading program, is now accessible at home for all Key Stage Two children so they can quiz on their reading book. To make access secure we have changed children’s passwords to match their Sumdog password but their username remains the same. Please see your child’s password sheet that was sent out at the start of term or speak to your child’s class teacher if you have misplaced this information. Your child will know how to take the short quizzes as they have been doing so in school. We advise children to complete quizzes unaided at home and as soon as possible after finishing their book. If parents/carers wish to support their child, they can do so in the following ways:

  • Discuss the book with their child as the book is being read
  • Ask their child to read the question aloud
  • Re-word questions for their child, if necessary
  • Ask their child which answers are not correct

At school we will continue to monitor children’s reading progress and have regular check-ins with pupils about the books they are reading. It is wonderful that parents can now be actively involved in their child’s reading progress.

Mrs Melissa Oliver

Assistant Head of School

Maths Senior Leader of Education

Accelerated Reader direct login:

Preston Primary School Academy
Old Paignton Road

01803 607075