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Foundation Stage Weekly Newsletter

Puffins and Penguins Weekly Newsletter 26th April 2019

Dear Parents and Carers,

Welcome back to an exciting Summer Term, we hope you had a wonderful Easter break.

This week we introduced the story ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’. We will be using the story to learn about growing and change. We are going to plant a variety of seeds in the hope of tasting our own produce and learning about a healthy balanced diet. If you have any seeds you would like to donate, they would be gratefully received.

We will also be using the story characters and plot to extend our vocabulary; the children have already requested we include the words furious and colossal in our word web (a web where we display new and interesting words).

In Maths this week, we were using the language of time. We talked about the sequencing of routines and days of the week. Next week we will be recapping addition. We will be adding two single digit numbers by holding one number in our head and counting on.

Here is our latest school value in dinosaur form! “I am Creatoraptor. I am very good at making links and using things I already know to help me learn new things. I enjoy challenges and I am great at thinking of ways to solve problems. I can think about what might happen and like to test my ideas. If things don’t work at first I keep on trying new ideas until I reach my goal.”

Home Learning

  • Bring a picture into school of when you were a baby/toddler or e-mail to we will use these to talk about change.
  • Read the story of Jack and the Beanstalk, draw your favourite part of the story, and independently write a sentence to go with it.
  • Go on a nature walk and talk about the things you see. Can you name any wild flowers?
  • Try adding two single digit numbers by holding one in your head and counting on.

Many Thanks, Foundation Team

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