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Teddy Bear Hospital

In our current learning experience, we are finding out about who helps us in our community. Yesterday, Puffins and Penguins classes welcomed a group of final year medical students from Plymouth University who are currently based in Torbay Hospital.

We rotated around different activity stations which were :

•             Hand washing - Why do we wash our hands? When do we wash our hands? We learnt and practised the correct hand washing technique.

•             Heart - Where is our heart? What size is our heart? What does the heart do? We used a stethoscope to listen to our own and a friend’s heart.

•             Healthy eating - We sorted foods into groups and talked about healthy/unhealthy foods.

•             Lungs - Where are our lungs? What do they do? We then used a 'peak flow meter' which measures how fast we can breathe out.        

•             Teddy Bear Hospital - Children brought in their own teddy bears from home. The doctors then wrote ‘paw-scriptions’ for the poorly toys, prescribing healthy eating, exercise, cuddles, etc. The doctors put plasters or bandages on our injured bears.


We had such a fantastic and inspiring experience. Parents might have to stock up on plasters and bandages at home as I’m sure they might find lots of teddies (and family members!) now need caring for! The three aims of this school are to create 'a love of learning', teach children to 'be good citizens', and get them thinking about and 'ready for the world of work'. This opportunity certainly ticked all of those boxes. We might have lots of future nurses and doctors on our hands!

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