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Foundation Stage Weekly Newsletter

Puffins and Penguins Weekly Newsletter, 7th May 2021

Learning Experience

We have continued with our learning based on ‘Bonkers about Beetroot’. This week we have started to ‘innovate’ the story. This means that as we are now very familiar with the structure of the original story, we are starting to change elements of it so that we can create our own version of the story. In the original story, the zebra ate a beetroot and turned purple - the children changed the animal, the fruit or vegetable and the colour that the animal turned into. We had lots of great examples, such as a polar bear eating peas and turning green, and a crocodile eating a banana and turning yellow. The children had lots of fun ‘innovating’ the story and coming up with the most ‘bonkers’ and funny ideas!


This week we have been planting seeds in the environmental area. Thank you very much to everyone who gave us a pack of seeds – it is very much appreciated! We planted some seed potatoes, as well as some vegetable seeds such as peas, pumpkins and of course … beetroots!


In Maths this week, some of us have been working on our number bonds to 5. We have investigated Numicon and five frames to really think about the parts that make up 5, e.g.  2+3,  4+1,  2+2+1. We have also explored ‘missing numbers’, e.g. if I have 3, how many more do I need to make 5?

Others have started to explore subtraction. They have been counting backwards and enjoying number rhymes such as 5 currant buns and 5 speckled frogs which takes 1 away each time.

Lego Discover – Playmakers Session 7

This week the children were challenged to improve an area. We asked them to consider our school playgrounds and, working as a team, to create something that they would like to put on there to improve the surroundings. We had many wonderful creations, including an obstacle course, a double slide tower, a zip line, and a Ferris wheel!

We are really impressed with their teamwork! The children had to work as a team of 3 or 4 to make their model, so there was a huge amount of collaboration in order that everybody was able to contribute to the ideas and to the final outcome. Well done, children!

Home Learning

Six Bricks – Please see Seesaw for more ‘Six brick’ activities. Your child has a balloon in their book bag today – they will need this for this week’s challenge.

Storytime – We have recorded a lovely story for you to listen to on Seesaw.

Phonics and reading – Practise reading your phonic and reading books.

Maths – Look on Seesaw for an activity linking to your maths lessons this week.

From Mrs Bastin, Mrs Clague and the Foundation Stage Team

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