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Foundation Stage Weekly Newsletter

Puffins and Penguins Weekly Newsletter, 17th June 2022

Learning Experience – Oh I do love to be beside the seaside!

Using our knowledge and learning from last lesson we created a large scale map of the school grounds for Silly Sally and Tricky Tiger to help them navigate and find their way around school. Firstly we used ‘Google Earth’ to locate our school and see an ariel view. The children then discussed where they would need to put features of the school on the map and what they would draw to represent the feature (i.e a blue rectangle for the pool). They talked about how a map needs to be accurate so that locations are in the correct place. One child said ‘we can’t put the swimming pool next to the rabbits, that’s not right’. The children collaborated to produce one large map; we were impressed with their discussions and reasoning. The children visualised all the areas of the school and produced a very detailed map.

The children were then inspired to make their own maps during choosing learning time. Please continue to support your child with their map skills at home. We have really enjoyed seeing their home learning and it is wonderful for children to be able to share their learning with you.

Over the next few weeks we are going to be extending our learning by answering the question ‘What are the key features of our local area?’. We will be using the photos you sent us on Seesaw of the local community, and we will also be taking the children in small groups on a walk around the local area to identify features.


In Maths this week, we revisited odd and even numbers. We revisited the word ‘pair’ and what that means.  The children played games with toys and natural objects trying to find pairs within numbers to help them identify if a number is odd or even. They used 10 frames to help visualize the pairs. Some children had the chance to take their learning outside to our new woodland classroom. They found twigs and arranged them in pairs to find odd and even numbers. Next, we used numicon to help notice the pattern with odd and even numbers. They noticed that the odd numbers have an extra bit on the numicon – one bit does not have a pair. We then placed the numicon on a numberline to see the pattern in the counting system (odd, even, odd, even, odd, even). Try exploring pairs within numbers to 10 at home to help identify odd and even numbers. Complete the odd and even activity on Seesaw.

The children also enjoyed exploring halving using cakes! They worked in pairs to cut a cake in half to share. We talked about what half means, that you need to cut the whole cake into two equal pieces. It prompted some wonderful discussions and some fabulous reasoning about what a half is and what a half is not. Please talk to your child about their learning in maths this week and continue exploring the concepts at home. There is also an activity on Seesaw to complete.

Woodland Camp

The children were given a variety of challenges this week in the Woodland Camp. Some children were challenged to explore areas of the camp that they had not used before. They had to find new areas to makes dens, make a (pretend) meal in the mud kitchen and they had to find something they could climb on. Other children were challenged to make maps of the woodland camp so that they could be used by visitors to the school so they do not get lost in the woods. As always, the children rose to the challenges and enjoyed exploring our wonderful Woodland Camp.

Also this week, more children were able to work with Mr Atkinson (on our facilities team) to make wooden planes. The children are working collaboratively, under the close supervision of adults, undertaking different tasks to help make complete models. The children have to use a jig to measure the wood. Then saw the wood to the correct size and nail the wings and tail to the body of the plane. They then use sandpaper to smooth any rough edges.

The children are revisiting some of the skills they have learnt before (hammering nails), and they are also learning new skills (using a jig and sawing). Thank you, Mr Atkinson for taking time out of your busy day to inspire creativity, teach responsibility and help Puffins and Penguins manage risk in a safe environment. The children cannot wait to paint the planes and use them in their play. They already have big plans that we think have been inspired by the recent air show in Torbay.


We are very excited that in a few weeks’ time we will have another sports day. The children have been working on their agility, balance, and coordination. They have also been practicing the skills of teamwork as we would like to potentially include this in an event for sports day. It is important for children to be competitive, but it is also important for children to appreciate and recognise the skills of others. Working in a team helps children identify that people are different and have different strengths. It helps them to see and feel the benefits of encouraging and praising one another.

This week we played team games: hungry hippos and bean bag shuttle run. The children had lots of fun and they cannot wait to show you how well they have progressed on sports day.

Literacy – Bonkers about Beetroot

The children were excited to continue their learning on the book ‘Bonkers about Beetroot’. This week the children participated in drama sessions to retell the story. We read the story together and stopped at points to freeze frame expressons for significent parts. The children created actions and movements and then worked in groups to collaborate and act out the story together. We are immersing the children in the text to help secure their knowledge and understanding. It is imporant to reread texts to develop children’s vocabulary and to help them make links in their learning. Mrs Clague has recored the story on Seesaw for you to enjoy at home as a family so you can share the learning.


As part of our key knowledge this half term we will be learning about how to stay safe in the water. We have been incorporating this into our weekly PE swimming sessions so that children have practical experience. Living by the coast means it is essential that children understand how to be safe near the water. The children have demonstrated great responsibility during their swimming sessions.

Jigsaw and Baby Pictures

Our PSHE Jigsaw topic this half term is called ‘Changing Me’. We have attached a Knowledge Organiser with more information about the knowledge we will be sharing over the next few weeks, it also details the key vocabulary for you to share and reinforce at home.

To support the Jigsaw programme please could you send us a picture of your child as a baby. We are going to be talking about change and identifying how they have changed from a baby to a child. You can either e-mail the photo to or send it to us on Seesaw.

Home Learning

  • Enjoy the story ‘Bonkers about Beetroot’ on Seesaw, read by Mrs Clague.
  • Complete the odd and even activity on Seesaw.
  • Check Seesaw and your book bag for this week’s RWI books and activities. Practise reading your book at least 3 times a week.
  • Use Ten Town to practice numbers 0-10.
  • Send in a baby picture of your child as a baby to either or through Seesaw.

Dates for your diary

  • Friday 24th June, Disco & Non Uniform day
  • Friday 8th July – Summer Fayre. Starts at 3:15pm on the school field. (Friday 15th July – Reserve date)
  • Monday 11th July – Sports Day, Foundation Stage 2-3:15pm. (Thursday 14th July – Reserve date)
  • School Reports Friday 8th July
  • Thursday 21st July – final day of term

From Mrs Bastin, Mrs Clague and the Foundation Stage Team

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