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Primary School

Foundation Visit To Pincombe's

'When I Grow Up...'

Last week, a group of children visited local Estate Agents, Pincombe's. Gerald and Kim spoke to the children about how they use our school values in their job roles. They show respect when talking to customers, they use creativity and teamwork to create the sales brochures, and use determination when it is hard to sell a property. The children used a camera to practise taking photos, and they used a tape measure to record the office dimensions and make a floor plan.  Thank you, Gerald and Kim, for welcoming the children and sharing your experiences.

It is important for children to have first-hand experiences to make their learning real and meaningful. We want children to realise that every job is important, and they can be whoever they want to be when they are older. It is important for children to make the link between school values and the future workplace. Our aim is to help children realise that what they are learning in school now will help them in their future.

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