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Primary School

Unit 3 R.E.

'What kind of world did Jesus want?'

Last week, the children in Unit 3 enjoyed a virtual meeting with Reverend Pout from one of our local churches, St Paul's Church in Preston. This was organised as part of our current Religious Education learning enquiry: What kind of world did Jesus want? The children have been learning about how Christians use the Bible to help them to do the right thing, and the importance of forgiving those who wrong us.

The children had the opportunity to explore Gospel stories with Reverend Pout, and they showed excellent manners and respect in listening to him discuss what kind of world Christians believe that God and Jesus wanted. A big thank you to Reverend Pout for taking the time to talk to us.

Here are some quotes from the children in Unit 3:

"Gospel means good news"

"God gave us the choice to do the right or the wrong thing"

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