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Primary School

Unit 3 History Short Enquiry

This week, the children in Unit 3 went to Totnes castle as part of their history short enquiry ‘Why is there a castle in Totnes?’ The children explored the grounds of the castle and learnt that it is a motte and bailey castle that was built after 1066 following the Norman invasion. Children were encouraged to pursue lines of historical enquiry, thinking about how the particular location was perfect for this type of castle to defend the town against Viking and Anglo-Saxon rebels. The children explored the battlements, re-enacting what it may have been like for a soldier inside the keep, and enjoyed exploring the moat area. One child said, "we know it is a motte and bailey because it has a big man-made hill which is called the motte. The keep is at the top, and we are sitting in the bailey now!".

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