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Primary School

Warhammer Alliance Club

This term, we have been fortunate enough to offer a Warhammer Alliance lunchtime club for children in Key Stage 2. Warhammer is a dynamic hobby for all ages, offering opportunities to collect, build, paint, read, play, and socialise. This club also enriches our curriculum by enabling children the opportunity to apply our school values and the 4Cs (Communication, Collaborations, Critical-Thinking and Creativity). Here is what the people at Warhammer have to say about the benefits of Warhammer: "Warhammer is an ideal hobby for all ages, as it requires some problem-solving to build, paint, and play the game, but is easy to learn and fun to master! The hobby can offer huge benefits to a young person’s development." 

The lunchtime club has been a success, with children being able to build and paint some models to take home. Children are also beginning to create stories and scenarios for their characters, which will feature when we play the game later this half term. 

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