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Eco Committee News

Eco Committee Assembly

This week, the Eco Committee prepared and presented an assembly. As part of our work on ‘being a good citizen’ and of our school value of ‘Teamwork’, the Eco Committee were asked to explain ways in which we can improve our environment and help to keep planet Earth in good condition for future generations. They told us about 8 easy ways that we can help to save the planet:

  1. Turn off the lights. We switch off lights when we leave classrooms at break, lunchtime, PE and assembly. Try to turn off lights at home if there is no-one in the room.
  2. Don’t leave litter. Keep our planet clean. If you can’t find a bin or the bin is full, take it home with you.
  3. Re-use. Don’t buy single-use items such as disposable water bottles - instead use a drinks bottle or travel mug. Give unwanted items to charity.
  4. Recycle. If you throw your rubbish in the black bin, then it will just go to landfill - that means that all the rubbish is buried in our planet. But if you sort your recycling, it can be made into something else. Plastic can be made into clothes. Food waste can be made into compost to help our gardens grow.
  5. Switch off. Turn off TVs, computers and games consoles when not in use.
  6. Walk to school. Not only is it good exercise but it also reduces air pollution because you are not using your car.
  7. Conserve water. Having a shower instead of a bath saves on water. Turn off the tap while you clean your teeth.
  8. Plant seeds. Growing plants will make more oxygen and give us cleaner air. It will also encourage more wildlife such as bees. We need bees for pollination of food crops. Without bees, we would not have much to eat at all.

A big ‘well done’ to the Eco Committee for their enthusiasm and their informative assembly! They certainly made us think about our role in helping the planet. Each of these things may seem a small change, but if we all did them, they would all add together to make a huge difference to the world.

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