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Foundation Stage Weekly Newsletter

Puffins and Penguins Weekly Newsletter

Dear Parents and Carers,

Some of next week is going to be very different and exciting! The whole school is going to be learning about different cultures around the world. We are going to be working together in mixed age groups. This means the children will have an opportunity to work with different teachers and children from every year group in the school. There will also be familiar faces to ensure the children are happy and settled. This will enable the older children to take some responsibility for the younger children and will allow the younger children to learn from and get to know the older children. This will also be a wonderful opportunity for all of our children to embed and practice our school values within the context of the wider school community. Your child will be in a group learning about one of the following countries/cultures: Spain, Greece, Indonesia or China.

This week we are sending home a ‘Wow’ voucher to everyone. Please write down something that has really impressed you about your child’s development lately. This may be something in or out of school and can relate to absolutely any area of development.

You will also find a sheet about the technology your children use at home. We would like to get an accurate picture of their ability and understanding of technology. Many children may use more technology at home than there is available at school, therefore we would like to hear about their ability in this area. For example, what sorts of technology are they able to use independently or alongside you? Can they use cameras, phones, tablets, lap-taps, games consoles, search engines etc? What do they like using? Do they ask to use technology to find things out etc?

Ideas for supporting your child’s learning at home this week.

  • Practise simple subtraction problems e.g. 12 people on the bus, 4 get off at the farm. How many are left on the bus?  
  • Work on your children’s individual targets.

    Have a great weekend

    Many Thanks, Foundation Stage Team

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