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Primary School

Foundation Stage Weekly Newsletter

Puffins and Penguins Weekly Newsletter, 21st June 2019

Dear Parents and Carers,

Finally the sun came out for swimming today. All the children are growing in confidence. Today we worked on our breathing by blowing a ball across the pool. We also practised reaching forward one arm at a time, with our fingers closed, to pull ourselves along. Then it was time for a warm shower and to get dry and changed for lunch.

Caterpillar Update! All the caterpillars have made a chrysalis and are resting peacefully. However, an amazing transformation has taken place inside. We have transferred them into big nets and we hope we do not miss all the action over the weekend.

As we near the end of term, our thoughts turn to the classes for next year. As you know, we have 45 children in each year group. In Puffins and Penguins we split them into two classes. This gives us a high staff to pupil ratio to ensure the success of their first year in school. In the rest of the school we organise the classes differently. We place Puffins and Penguins into three groups of 15, and they go in a class for September with 15 older children. This gives us three equal, parallel classes that creates a teacher team of three, and promotes teacher discussion and innovation. The benefits for the children are that children have older role models to influence them, or they have to verbalise their thinking to the younger children in their class.

On Tuesday next week, we are having a Sports Day rehearsal. All the children will learn where the races start and where we sit when we are waiting for our turn. It will help them relax and enjoy the actual Sports Day. We will see you for the real thing the following week. Although we will have some seating, please feel free to bring picnic rugs, camping chairs or both! Hot meals will not be available from the kitchen on Sports Day but you can pre-order a packed lunch from the office. Please order by Tuesday 25th June.

Home Learning

Look for 3D shapes around the home. Can you name them and even label them?

Share a story and talk about the characters and any new words.

Dates to remember – more details will be given closer to the time

Sports Day on Tuesday 2nd July

Multicultural Days are Wednesday 3rd July – Friday 5th July

Foundation End of Year Celebration on Tuesday 23rd July at 2.30pm

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