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Primary School

Storytelling Session

Yesterday, Foundation Stage children, and their parents and carers, were treated to an enchanting storytelling session with local storyteller and author, Malou Evans. Combining storytelling, drama, dance and music she retold traditional tales including ‘Three Billy Goats Gruff’, ’Goldilocks and the Three Bears’ and other folk tales from around the world. The children were mesmerised and entranced by the stories, they enjoyed the rhythm of the words. 

Storytelling encourages children to be creative and use their imagination to picture the setting, the characters, and the story as it unfolds. Rather than being given the imagery to accompany the words, the child is able to build the world within which the story is set for themselves.

During the session, everyone young and old was immersed into the world of stories. It was a truly fun and inspirational session capturing a true love of learning and stories. 

This is what some of the children and adults said:

‘So engaging and creative. It very obviously captured the children’s imaginations. I will be giving it a go at home too!’

‘Absolutely brilliant! Great to see all the kids getting involved and enjoying it so much.’

‘How fabulous. Thank you for inviting us we loved it and are inspired.’

‘That was so good. I loved the troll story when he went splash into the water.’

‘Can we watch it again, I love the stories they were funny.’

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