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Foundation Stage Weekly Newsletter

Puffins and Penguins Weekly Newsletter, 2nd October 2020


In maths lessons this week we have been exploring the number 5. We talked about greeting someone with a ‘high five’ and why it is called that.

We introduced five frames to the children and discussed how it was made up of 5 empty squares. We talked about how only one item goes in each square. If the five frame is empty, we know there are 0, and if it is full, we know there are 5. We continued to practise our ‘subitising’ with five frame flashcards of 0, 1, 2, and 5.

We have been singing songs such as ‘5 little ducks’, ‘5 speckled frogs’ and ‘5 little monkeys’ and talking about how the ‘whole’ is 5 and each animal is 1 part, then we have been taking away one part each time until we get to 0. We have put a link on Seesaw to some songs if you would like to practise counting backwards at home.

Read Write Inc

In Read Write Inc (RWI) this week the children learnt the sounds u, b, e, f, h. As part of RWI, the children are learning to orally blend sounds in cvc words. You can do this at home using pictures or real objects. Ask your child ‘Please could you get me the b-a-g’ and give your child chance to jump in and blend the sounds to make the word bag. Do this for simple words like hat, dog, bin, mug, leg.

Links to the RWI speed sound videos will be assigned on Seesaw.

Every morning the children write their name trying to use the correct letter formation. Please help your child practise at home and be as creative as you like using chalk or a paintbrush and water on the pavement.

Brush Bus

The children were very excited to start the Brush Bus this week. They are already showing great independence and enjoy brushing along to the song. Please support your child to be independent at home with their tooth brushing.

This is a link to the song we use, we will also share it via Seesaw:


  • Just to remind you that hot school lunches are free for Foundation, Year One and Year Two. If your child currently has packed lunch they might like to try a hot meal, there is a variety of choices from the menu. Please order via the Aspens website before 9am. 

Home learning options

  • Write your name trying to use the correct letter formation. Can you write your surname?
  • Find things that start with the sounds u, b, e, f, h and take photos of the items to upload on Seesaw.
  • Watch the RWI videos on Seesaw for this week’s sounds.
  • Sing along to the number rhymes on Seesaw.
  • Share stories with someone else.

Upload your photos on to your Seesaw journal and then you could use the microphone button to record your voice telling us about your work.

From Mrs Bastin, Mrs Clague, and the Foundation Stage Team

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