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Foundation Stage Weekly Newsletter

Puffins and Penguins Weekly Newsletter, 23rd October 2020

The Little Red Hen

This week we continued our learning on The Little Red Hen. The children have been writing about the story and talking about the characters. They have been really engaged and keen to share their ideas. We even made our own bread just like The Little Red Hen. However, unlike the lazy dog, sleepy cat and noisy duck we helped each other make the bread. We used the vocabulary: dough, knead, stretch, yeast, rise, roll and mix. The children enjoyed using the timers to measure how long we had to wait for the dough to rise.

This inspired the children to write their own recipes and bake their own bread during choosing learning time.

The children have been very excited about having a campfire in the woods so we decided to bake our bread in the Woodland Camp, it was quite an adventure. The children wrapped their dough around a bamboo cane and held it over the heat to bake. In the weeks leading up to this we regularly talked about how to stay safe around the campfire and the children demonstrated this excellently. They showed great determination to continue baking their bread even when the rain came! The children thoroughly enjoyed eating their bread around the campfire.


In Maths we have been exploring the number 3.

We have been using the part, part, whole model (cherry model) to partition the number 3, e.g. 2 and 1, 3 and 0.

We have used stories to help us with sorting and matching and comparing, e.g. Goldilocks and the 3 bears. We matched the right bowl and chair and bed to each bear. We set a table for the 3 bears and we gave the children some ‘wrong’ amounts, e.g. 2 spoons so the children had to say things like “I need 1 more” or 5 plates so they said “That is too many. I need to take 2 away.” Other stories that we have read are ‘The 3 billy goats gruff’ and ‘The 3 little pigs’. The children have enjoyed using number stories during choosing learning time.

Half Term learning options

  • Keep a diary of your half term in your red home school link book. Draw pictures and try to label them using your phonic knowledge.
  • Watch the RWI speed sound lessons on Seesaw. Keep practising your sounds to help recognise them quicker and quicker.
  • Complete the rhyming activity assigned on Seesaw if you haven’t done it already.
  • Look around your environment for number patterns representing 1-5. Take photos and send them to us on Seesaw you could use the microphone button to tell us about what you have noticed. Below are some examples: "I can see four tyres, three pine cones, and two wheels on my bike."
  • Enjoy lots of stories.
  • Have fun with your family.


  • PE kits have been sent home today to be washed. Please bring them back in after half term, we will have our first PE lesson on the first Tuesday back.
  • Schools starts again on Monday 9th November.
  • You have received an e-mail regarding your Zoom parent meeting after half term. We look forward to sharing your child’s learning.

It has been a fun filled half term and we are so incredibly proud of the children, they have settled well in to school life. We hope you have a wonderful break and enjoy some special family time.

From Mrs Bastin, Mrs Clague and the Foundation Stage Team

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Old Paignton Road

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