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Foundation Stage Weekly Newsletter

Puffins and Penguins Weekly Newsletter, 21st May 2021

Learning Experience

The children have been fascinated with the caterpillars this week – they are now getting very big! We have been finding out about the stages of the life cycle of a caterpillar. The children have been scientists and have learnt about ‘webbing’ and an ‘exoskeleton’ – see if your child can explain to you what these terms mean.

We have also read the story of ‘The very hungry caterpillar’ by Eric Carle. The children have joined in with the familiar repeating phrases. We have also used it to explore the names of days of the week.


In Maths this week, some of us have been using tens frames to subitise numbers. We have been very explicit in explaining how we know that it is a number, e.g., if the ten frame is full I know there are 10; if there is 1 missing there must be 9; I can see a 5 and a 2 so there must be 7.

Others have started to explore doubling. We have been finding two of something, e.g., two lots of identical Numicon, two groups of animals. The children have also been using a ‘doubling machine’ to double numbers.

Lego Discover – Playmakers Session 9

This week we recapped on all the skills and learning so far – in preparation for the final session next week!

The children continued to think about how they could improve empty spaces to encourage others to engage and play in that area. This week was all about connection – how could they combine different parts to make 1 large working model with moving parts?

We also revised the school value of Teamwork, e.g. What does teamwork look like? When do we use teamwork? What part do you play in a team?

Woodland camp

In the woodland camp this week there have been opportunities to do fire-lighting and to use hammers and nails. The children have enjoyed taking part in these activities and have worked with care. It is wonderful to see their confidence growing!

Home Learning

Six Bricks – Please see Seesaw for more ‘Six brick’ activities.

Storytime – Miss Hazel has recorded a lovely story for you to listen to on Seesaw.

Phonics and reading – Practise reading your phonic and reading books.

Maths – Look on Seesaw for an activity linked to your maths lessons this week.

Remember to have a look at the newsletter on the school website to be able to view lots more photographs from each week in school. Go to and then select ‘Letters and Newsletters’ and go to Foundation Stage newsletters.

Half-term dates :

Friday 28th May – last day of term.

Monday 7th June - non-pupil day.

Tuesday 8th June - children return to school.

Friday 11th June – Puffins and Penguins first swimming session.


After the half-term break, we will be starting swimming lessons in our outdoor heated pool. Please ensure that your child brings their swimming kit into school each Friday.

Your child will need:

• One piece swimming costume for girls OR Swimming trunks/shorts for boys

• Towel

• Swimming hat for any child with hair that is collar length or longer to keep hair out of the eyes

• Jelly shoes, crocs, plimsolls or flip flops (suitable footwear to walk from the pool to the classroom).

• Goggles – Optional

School will provide an assortment of buoyancy aids such as floats, noodles and swim vests.

Please note: We do not keep spare towels or costumes in school which means that children without the correct kit will not be able to swim.

From Mrs Bastin, Mrs Clague and the Foundation Stage Team

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Old Paignton Road

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