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Primary School

Dartmoor Trip

History Long Enquiry

On Monday and Tuesday this week, Unit 4 had a trip to Dartmoor for their history long enquiry, 'What was Devon like after the Stone Age and before the Roman Empire'. The children walked from Haytor to Houndtor to explore the remains of life on Dartmoor from the Bronze Age. They got to explore a round house and the settlements surrounding it. We also visited a kist (a burial site) and the ranger explained how it was someone of importance who was buried there, along with all their belongings. The children used their historical enquiry to explore the sites and to think about life in the Bronze Age on Dartmoor. We found out lots of new information; the Dartmoor rangers were extremely knowledgable. The rangers were also very complimentary of the children’s behaviour. Well done Unit 4!

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